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Underdrawing for another piece with my favorite characters, though I haven’t found a suitable name for them yet.
Sort of squirrel-cat-fox-with-pale-eyes.
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I used the sketch to my old “Flamingo Walking” (made for Fairytale Makeover on the theme “Wonderland Fashion) to make a cleaner and simpler version. The original version was executed in watercolour, but here I stuck with the graphite and added a light blue colour. And I added a feisty rabbit as well.
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The last bird person for awhile. This time a melancholic puffin with an origami lotus. For more visit elinhjulstrom.com

Another picture from the ALBA exhibition.
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With our upcoming wedding and a lot of graphic design work, I’ve found myself lacking time to post any sketches. But I thought I’d give you a glimpse of the wedding decorations we’ve been making instead. Since we share a love for maps and old books we’ve kind of made it a theme, and everything from flowers to candle holders is made out of maps.


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